POST SUPER is providing ALL the training you need to help you manage Post Production more easily...


Post Super is dedicated to providing Film & HETV Post Production Managers of all types with the resources they need to manage any situation... We are building courses to help you deal with Picture & Sound Workflow, Deliverables, Post Production Budgeting, Scheduling and much much more. Partnering with expert industry trainers and sanity checking the courses with key experienced Post Production Managers and Creatives, we feel confident that our training is world class

Our first two Independent Learning Courses! 

Have been developed and delivered as a collaboration between - a resource for Post Supervisors, Ravensbourne University London - a creative industries’ focussed media and design university and Pat Horridge at VET Training

POST SUPER's Picture & Sound Workflow Course

This Course is designed to take you from start to finish on HETV & Film Post Production Workflow, its a brilliant way to learn exactly what is going on at all the different stages!

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POST SUPER's Picture & Sound Deliverables Course

This Course will explain simply & clearly what deliverables are currently required by Film & HETV projects in the US & UK. A must do course for anyone working in the Industry

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