Welcome to Post Super's Picture & Sound Workflow Course!

This Independent Learning Course was originally developed and delivered as a collaboration between Post-Super.com - a resource for Post Supervisors, Ravensbourne University London - a creative industries’ focussed media and design university and Pat Horridge at VET Training. The course was designed to teach Post Production managers of all types, (both freelance & in house) about Picture and Sound Post Production Workflow for Film & HETV

Picture & Sound Workflow Course


A combination of online learning and independent study, the lectures/modules are pre-recorded, allowing the student to have more control over the time, pace and style of their learning. This course gives the student a brilliant overview of Picture & Sound Workflows from a Post Manager's point of view including...

  • Picture Workflow - On Set
  • Picture Workflow - Offline Edit
  • Picture Workflow - Conform/Online
  • Picture Workflow - Grade
  • Sound Workflow - On Set
  • Sound Workflow - Editorial
  • Sound Workflow - Music
  • Sound Workflow - Sound Mixing
  • Sound Workflow - Sound Elements (Foley, ADR, Sound Design)



Who is the training for?

Post Production Managers, Producers, Supervisors & Coordinators are often from a wide variety of backgrounds, there can be gaps in our baseline knowledge or initial training and technical advancements we may have missed for whatever reason. These shortfalls in our training have in the past contributed not only to a lack of confidence dealing with Post Production but also to mistakes in workflows that have cost us all time, effort and money to fix. The two independent learning courses that Post Super will now offer from the 1st June 2021 are designed to address these gaps and provide an easy, straightforward explanation of the post production process, gently taking the student from the start of the post production process to the end and filling in all of those holes in their knowledge.

This approach does two things... First, for the new recruit, the courses will give them a great base line from which to start, it will allow them to understand what everyone is doing on the team/working towards and they can be a more productive member of the team from the off. Secondly, for experienced managers who have a good working knowledge of the industry/deliverables already, the courses will solidify their existing experience and gives that person the confidence in their own ability when not only planning & executing workflows but also to budget and schedule them further down the line (knowing that they do indeed know what they are talking about!)

Don't just take our word for it...

The Post Super Picture and Sound Workflow Course was not only meticulous in it's detail, but also extremely clear and easy to follow. Both the slides and supporting materials put together by Gemma and Pat, presented a precise and wide-ranging module, which as well as helping with regards to general technical information, was also instantly transferable to real world use.  I found some of the more technical breakdowns extremely helpful and now understand the time that is needed for turnovers & delivery. It has also made me more understanding of some of the technical requirements needed in the sound and grading departments, which made me more comfortable in communicating with them clearly. 

Post Supervisor - Completed Course Feb 2021

The Post Super Picture & Sound Workflow Course was a great way to refresh and advance my knowledge of the Post process. It was both informative and interesting, broken down into seminars with extra video content to watch in my own time, along with PDFs and links to help me advance my understanding of Post Production. It gave me a better understanding of certain processes and confirmed my understanding of aspects of Post Production making me a more informed and confident Post Production Supervisor. I highly recommend the course and look forward to taking part in future courses to continue my education of Post Production. 

Post Supervisor - Completed course March 2021

I very much enjoyed my Post Super Picture & Sound Workflow Course  Level 1 Course, It helped build upon my existing knowledge and also provide more information to learn from. Thank you very much.

Post Coordinator - Completed course March 2021

I found the Post Super Picture & Sound Workflow Course quite intense as it covers a lot of information in depth, quite rapidly. The online curated content was a great supplementary source of information to backup the main lectures and I went through this thoroughly to extract the maximum benefit from these learning opportunities.  

I feel like I now have a great topline understanding of the picture and sound workflows which PPS / PPCs have to navigate.  

I work in Post Production with major film studios and my responsibilities are primarily focussed on what happens after the final OV DCP has been signed off, sometimes partnering with the PPS to manage that final delivery.  Your courses have extended my knowledge into what happens to get that final content ready to deliver to the distributor and has given me insights into how the two areas dovetail through the role of the PPS. As far as I know there are no professional learning programmes associated with Post Production procedures in the film / TV industry -  until now this kind of knowledge could only be acquired on the job.  These courses are the first of their kind and afford an invaluable opportunity to upskill in areas adjacent to your core industry skill set.

Post Manager - Completed course March 2021